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cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - Where <mark>The</mark> Sky Meets <mark>The</mark> Sea

The McCalmans - Where The Sky Meets The Sea (CD)

McCalmans heavy schedule of touring and has already made his own personal mark within the group, with his strong vocals and sense of fun.

cover image for <mark>The</mark> Scottish Diaspora - <mark>The</mark> Music And <mark>The</mark> Song

The Scottish Diaspora - The Music And The Song (double CD)

McCalmans, Rua, Dick Gaughan, Donnie Munro, Robin Laing, the late Alan Mills (Canada) and more. A large amount of relevant material was initially drawn up by Ian Green for the project and, from a pared-down shortlist of some sixty tracks, the final selection was made. Much blood and sweat (thankfully…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - Final Concert Uncut - <mark>The</mark> Good Old Days (DVD)

The McCalmans - Final Concert Uncut - The Good Old Days (DVD) (DVD)

…McCalman) * Mothers Daughters Wives (Judy Small) * Green Grow the Rashes (Robert Burns) * The Last Leviathan (Andy Barnes) * Kirsteen (Trad). SESSIONS, INTROS and FAST SONGS The Holly She Bears A Berry * Lucky Puppy (introduction) * Embarrassing shanties and Derek’s only interview. * Dido Bendigo and Snow…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - <mark>The</mark> Greentrax Years

The McCalmans - The Greentrax Years (double CD)

McCalmans released their first Greentrax album Peace And Plenty in 1986, the year the label was launched - it was subsequently awarded a Gold Disc by The Scottish Music Industry Association. ‘The Macs’, who had previously recorded with EMI and RCA to name but two major labels, intended to give…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> Music And Song Of <mark>The</mark> Great Tapestry Of Scotland

The Music And Song Of The Great Tapestry Of Scotland (double CD)

The Great Tapestry Of Scotland which is currently being stitched on panels designed by the artist Andrew Crummy, and will go on exhibition in 2013. The Tapestry, which will be longest in the world when complete, has been given the stamp of approval by The Scottish Parliament. Greentrax was invited…

cover image for Steele <mark>The</mark> Show - <mark>The</mark> Songs of Davy Steele

Steele The Show - The Songs of Davy Steele (CD)

…McCalman and Davy and Patsy’s son Jamie (12 years of age). Additional musicians are Mary MacMaster, Eilidh Shaw, Mairearad Green, Andy Thorburn, Donald Hay and Gary West, plus Damien O’Kane plays guitar on the Kate Rusby track. With the exception of ‘Butterfly’ (recorded by Joe Rusby at Pure Records), and…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - Souvenir, End Of An Era, Last Gasp, Brochure

The McCalmans - Souvenir, End Of An Era, Last Gasp, Brochure (book)

McCalmans’ 24-year relationship with Greentrax and their 46-year, 6,000-gig career! Paperback, 24 pages in full colour.

cover image for <mark>The</mark> Battle Of Prestonpans 1745 - Music And Song Of <mark>The</mark> Campaign

The Battle Of Prestonpans 1745 - Music And Song Of The Campaign (CD)

McCalmans, Ceolbeg (with Davy Steele), Coreen Scott, Sangsters and The Drambuie Kirkliston Pipe Band. The Prestonpans Tapestry is 104 metres in length, was stitched by 200 women and 2 men, involved 25,000 hours of work, has 10 million stitches, used up 3,000 metres of thread and took over 18 months…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - Coming Home (Live)

The McCalmans - Coming Home (Live) (CD)

McCalmans, in their 44th year on the road in 2009, are known around the world for their strong vocals, their prolific output of new songs and their idiosyncratic chat on stage. Their annual tours of Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands are legendary, and they still have time to undertake a…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - Scots Abroad

The McCalmans - Scots Abroad (CD)

…McCalman and Nick Keir, plus contributions from other writers and a couple of traditional songs.  The McCalmans have remained loyal to Greentrax Recordings for 20 years and Greentrax is delighted to celebrate with them on their 20th Anniversary with this fine album.

cover image for Scotland, <mark>The</mark> Music And <mark>The</mark> Song (A 20 Year Profile Of Greentrax)

Scotland, The Music And The Song (A 20 Year Profile Of Greentrax) (3 x CD)

the company, which also includes the Culburnie label, celebrates its 20th Anniversary. The tracks for this 3CD compilation have been carefully selected by Ian from over 300 albums, showcasing the remarkable Greentrax Recordings catalogue of Scottish traditional music. Only the very best tracks have been selected and they represent a…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - Peace And Plenty (Celtic Collections vol 9)

The McCalmans - Peace And Plenty (Celtic Collections vol 9) (CD)

McCalmans are one of Scotland’s most popular and enduring vocal harmony groups. This popular album first emerged in 1986 and went on to be awarded a Scottish Record Industry Association Gold Disc for sales achieved. Ian McCalman (guitars, bodhran, vocals), Derek Moffat (guitar, vocals), Nick Keir (guitar, mandolin, mouthorgan, whistles)…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> King Has Landed (Songs Of <mark>The</mark> Jacobite Risings)

The King Has Landed (Songs Of The Jacobite Risings) (CD)

McCalmans, Ceolbeg, The Whistlebinkies, Ian Bruce, Jim Malcolm and Brian McNeill. Together they plot the history of the three Jacobite rebellions.

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - Keepers

The McCalmans - Keepers (CD)

the pens of some of Scotland’s best songwriters, including a couple by Nick Keir and a first from Derek Moffat, plus traditional material. Featuring Davy Steele of Ceolbeg and The Battlefield Band.

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>McCalmans</mark> - Honest Poverty

The McCalmans - Honest Poverty (CD)

…Folk song trio.   Dedicated to the


News Articles

The McCalmans (1964-2010) DVD

…McCalman) Instrumental (Nick Keir) Come By the Hills (W. Gordon Smith) Let’s Recycle (Ian McCalman) Corryvreckan Calling (Nick Keir) Ye Jacobites By Name (Trad) 12 Folk Days of Christmas (Keir/McCalman) 2nd SET Scotland’s Story (Craig & Charlie Reid) Moor Road (Ian McCalman) Still Gonna Die (Shel Silverstein) Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)…


The McCalmans Souvenir Brochure

McCalmans Souvenir Brochure is now available direct from Greentrax. It features photos and articles celebrating The McCalmans’ 24-year relationship with Greentrax and their 46-year, 6,000-gig career!  Paperback, 24 pages in full colour.


Scots In The Spanish Civil War - ¡No Pasaran! - On Stage At Celtic Connections 2013

…McCalman to act as musical director, a position he has revelled in with the Far, Far From Ypres series of concerts. Ian has accepted and we are looking forward immensely to this concert. Artists appearing will be: Dick Gaughan, Alison McMorland and Geordie McIntyre, Christine Kydd, Arthur Johnstone with Brian…


Deleted Back Catalogue Titles Now Available Again

McCalmans - Flames On The Water Eric Bogle - Voices In The Wilderness The McCalmans - Songs From Scotland The McCalmans - Honest Poverty Eric Bogle - Mirrors Robin Laing - Walking In Time The McCalmans - Festival Lights Isla St Clair - Scenes From Scotland Eric Bogle - Small…


Death Of Nick Keir 1953-2013

McCalmans). Nick died on Sunday morning, 2nd June, after a battle with cancer.


Ian Green’s autobiography:  ‘Fuzz To Folk - Trax Of My Life’

…McCalman) “This is one of the most honest, informative and entertaining works I have ever read. At times Ian Green writes with an honesty that is infrequently found these days. At times heart-rending, at times funny, sometimes controversial, sometimes intriguing – but always hugely interesting.” (Fiona J) “Never have I…



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