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cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>Glencraig</mark> <mark>Scottish</mark> <mark>Dance</mark> <mark>Band</mark> - Ah’m Askin’ (<mark>Scottish</mark> Country <mark>Dance</mark>s)

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Ah’m Askin’ (Scottish Country Dances) (CD)

Glencraig Band, led by Nicol McLaren. A fine six-piece band with lots of ‘oomph’ and plenty of lift, featuring two accordions, fiddle, piano, bass and drums. This is the third album in a series of four, focussing this time on Scottish Country Dancing. Each of the different styles of Scottish

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>Glencraig</mark> <mark>Scottish</mark> <mark>Dance</mark> <mark>Band</mark> - Are Ye Askin’? (<mark>The</mark> Reel Party)

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Are Ye Askin’? (The Reel Party) (CD)

Glencraig Scottish Dance Band, led by Nicol McLaren, capture the mood and feeling of the traditional Reel Party. With full dance instructions by Karin Ingram, this is essential material for all who enjoy Reeling! Winners of The National Association of Accordion & Fiddle Clubs’ award CD Of The Year 2007…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>Glencraig</mark> <mark>Scottish</mark> <mark>Dance</mark> <mark>Band</mark> - Are Ye Dancin’? (<mark>The</mark> Ceilidh)

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Are Ye Dancin’? (The Ceilidh) (CD)

Glencraig Scottish Dance Band was formed in 1983 when Nicol McLaren, then a salesman in Blairgowrie, was asked by a customer if he could put together a band for a church social. From that gig came another half dozen bookings and the Glencraig SDB was born. The band was named…

cover image for <mark>The</mark> <mark>Glencraig</mark> <mark>Scottish</mark> <mark>Dance</mark> <mark>Band</mark> - Ah’m Dancin’ (Old Time <mark>Dance</mark>s)

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Ah’m Dancin’ (Old Time Dances) (CD)

Glencraig Scottish Dance Band. The series covers all the Scottish dance formats that the Glencraig Band perform - The Ceilidh, The Reel Party, Scottish Country Dances and Old Time Dances. The previous three albums were Are Ye Dancin’? (The Ceilidh), Are Ye Askin’? (The Reel Party) and Ah’m Askin’ (Scottish

cover image for Music And Song From Scotland - <mark>The</mark> Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection

Music And Song From Scotland - The Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection (double CD)

Scottish Music vol 2. These three compilation albums provide an outstanding showcase of the extensive Greentrax catalogue. Greentrax Recordings celebrates its anniversary along with the Culburnie label in 2011, and will also mark the special occasion with a new 44-page catalogue, a full colour brochure of photographs and stories, and…


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