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cover image for <mark>Paul</mark> <mark>Anderson</mark> - Home & Beauty

Paul Anderson - Home & Beauty (CD)

Anderson began his training while at school on a fiddle found under his grandparents’ spare bed. He can trace his teaching lineage directly to Niel Gow through his tutor Douglas Lawrence, the most acclaimed pupil of Hector MacAndrew. Hector was taught by his grandfather who was taught by the last…

cover image for Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries

Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries (CD)

Anderson, Béla Fleck and Victor Wooten - and headlined with the legendary Les Paul. And that’s just a taster! Today Tony’s live work ranges from intimate solo performance through to various duos such as Alain Genty, Bruce Molsky and Alasdair Fraser to the quartet Men Of Steel. He is an…

cover image for Hector MacAndrew - Legend Of The Scots Fiddle

Hector MacAndrew - Legend Of The Scots Fiddle (CD)

Anderson was appointed as a Research Fellow at the Elphinstone Institute of Aberdeen University the tapes were passed on to him by Hector’s son Pat. Paul embarked on a project to have some of the previously unreleased recordings included on an a new album, enlisted the aid of Greentrax Recordings…


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