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cover image for <mark>Ian</mark> Bruce and <mark>Ian</mark> Walker - Born To Rottenrow (DVD & CD)

Ian Bruce and Ian Walker - Born To Rottenrow (DVD & CD) (CD and DVD set)

Ian Bruce and Ian Walker are well known singers and songwriters in their own right, and were in fact a hardworking duo some years back, but then decided to go their own solo ways. Recently the duo re-formed under the name Bruce & Walker and have been gigging around Scotland…

cover image for <mark>Ian</mark> <mark>Green</mark> - Fuzz To Folk (Trax Of My Life)

Ian Green - Fuzz To Folk (Trax Of My Life) (book)

Green, the policeman who founded the successful independent Scottish record label Greentrax Recordings.  2011 marks the 25th anniversary of Scotland’s leading folk record label Greentrax Recordings, an important milestone in the impressively varied and colourful life of founder Ian Green. In Fuzz To Folk, Ian chronicles his 76 years of…

cover image for <mark>Ian</mark> Hardie - A Breath Of Fresh Airs

Ian Hardie - A Breath Of Fresh Airs (CD)

Greentrax in 1986 and having just celebrated our 25th Anniversary it seemed appropriate to re-release this excellent and very special album for the first time on CD. Ian Hardie is an outstanding fiddle player and multi-instrumentalist, who played in many fine folk groups which sprang out of the very vibrant…

cover image for Alistair Ogilvy - Leaves Sae <mark>Green</mark>

Alistair Ogilvy - Leaves Sae Green (CD)

ian Of The Year’ Award in both 2011 and 2012, and won the Traditional Music And Song Association’s ‘Young Singer Of Merit’ award the same year. Alistair has already appeared at many folk clubs and festivals in the UK and his songs have been aired on several Radio Scotland programmes.…

cover image for McCalman Singular (Songs By <mark>Ian</mark>, Sung By Friends)

McCalman Singular (Songs By Ian, Sung By Friends) (CD)

Green of Greentrax phoned me. He’s a good lad but a trouble-maker and he knew what my answer would be to his question: ‘Would you be interested in recording a solo album for Greentrax?’ Answer: ‘No!’ Question ‘Why not?’ Answer ‘I can’t sing that well.’ Question ‘Well it never stopped…

cover image for Aileen Carr - <mark>Green</mark> Yarrow

Aileen Carr - Green Yarrow (CD)

iano at musical evenings at home. Aileen’s family could not afford piano lessons for her but that didn’t hold back Aileen’s interest in music and song. In true folk singing style she would happily sing to people as a little girl and as a teenager was encouraged to sing and…

cover image for <mark>Ian</mark> & Gordon Duncan - A Few Tunes And Mair

Ian & Gordon Duncan - A Few Tunes And Mair (book)

Ian Duncan released this collection of tunes in 1987.  It has been re-published after a few years out-of-print. This contains many great Gordon tunes and arrangements, many of which featured in the selections of the Vale in those years, as well as in medleys of all the top bands and…

cover image for The Falkirk Music Pot

The Falkirk Music Pot (double CD)

ian McNeill & Friends Celebrate His Home Town’s Music The Falkirk Music Pot is one of three projects forming part of the Falkirk Creative Place 2014 Award programme. This recording project has been produced on behalf of Falkirk Community Trust and Falkirk Council by multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and author Brian

cover image for Favourite Scottish Songs (Celtic Collections vol 16)

Favourite Scottish Songs (Celtic Collections vol 16) (CD)

Green about the need for a CD of ‘favourite Scottish songs’ to be available in Scottish schools - a collection that would be a simple tool for teachers to introduce Scotland’s rich song heritage to their pupils. Much thought was put into the selection of songs for this compilation. We…

cover image for Alex Hodgson - The Brig Tae Nae Where

Alex Hodgson - The Brig Tae Nae Where (CD)

Greentrax album by the Prestonpans singer Alex Hodgson. Twelve tracks on this album were written by Alex, plus one each by Robert Burns and Ewan MacColl. This new album is based on family memories of summer days past, some spent at Belhaven Bay near Dunbar. It takes a different approach…

cover image for For Freedom Alone - The Wars Of Independence

For Freedom Alone - The Wars Of Independence (CD)

Greentrax marks this important event with this compilation of songs, music and a poem by many of Scotland’s finest artists. 2014 is also the year of The Scottish Referendum and the album recognises this historical event. The title of the album For Freedom Alone is taken from The Declaration Of…

cover image for Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One

Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One (double CD)

Greentrax Recordings re-launched this critically acclaimed best-selling album, first released in 2008. The album is a tribute to all the soldiers from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, and also their Commonwealth brothers in arms from all corners of the globe, who fought and suffered together in the Great War and,…

cover image for The Scottish Diaspora - The Music And The Song

The Scottish Diaspora - The Music And The Song (double CD)

Greentrax back-catalogue, others licensed from various record companies around the world and several recorded specially for this compilation. Scotland’s diaspora across the world was predominantly created by warriors, traders, missionaries, medical experts and farmers. And of course there were also large groups that were driven off the Highlands by landlords…

cover image for Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas - Abundance

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas - Abundance (CD)

Greentrax Recordings is again delighted to release another album from the hugely talented fiddler Alasdair Fraser and the wonderful cellist Natalie Haas. Alasdair, a Scot now domiciled in the USA, teamed up with Natalie Haas some years ago to form this highly acclaimed duo. Alasdair (fiddles, baritone fiddle, viola, kalimba)…

cover image for Barbara Dickson - To Each And Everyone (The Songs Of Gerry Rafferty)

Barbara Dickson - To Each And Everyone (The Songs Of Gerry Rafferty) (CD)

Greentrax - Words Unspoken and To Each And Everyone (The Songs Of Gerry Rafferty) - for the single CD price of £12.00 only. As a multi-million selling recording artist with an equally impressive Olivier Award-winning acting career, Barbara Dickson OBE has established herself as one of the most enduring and…

cover image for Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries

Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries (CD)

Greentrax is proud to be associated with Tony on this his sixth album for the label. Both enjoy the mutual loyalty and respect of a long relationship. After hearing Mike Marshall’s ‘Bach E major Prelude’ played on mandolin, as if it were written for the instrument, Tony began a journey…

cover image for The Flooers O’ The Forest

The Flooers O’ The Forest (double CD)

Greentrax World War 1 project Far, Far From Ypres and Scots In The Spanish Civil War- a great sense of pride was felt when the project was completed. The idea for the collection was brought to Greentrax by Mercat Tours’ guide Jim Paris who has a remarkable knowledge of Scotland’s…

cover image for The Paul McKenna Band - Elements

The Paul McKenna Band - Elements (CD)

Greentrax by The Paul McKenna Band since their formation in 2006. Their two previous titles are Stem The Tide (2011) and Between Two Worlds (2009). At the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards in 2012, Paul McKenna won Scots Singer Of The Year, Mike Vass won Composer Of The Year…

cover image for Ceolbeg Collected

Ceolbeg Collected (CD)

Greentrax presents this collection of some of the highlights of the music of Ceolbeg. Both the band and Greentrax are very proud of what this mainly part-time band achieved over so many years, and the contribution they made to the music of Scotland over almost three decades. Ceolbeg is arguably…

cover image for Eric Bogle with John Munro - A Toss Of The Coin

Eric Bogle with John Munro - A Toss Of The Coin (CD)

Greentrax had the great honour a number of years back to release an entire album of John singing his own songs, Plying My Trade. His two contributions on this album - Absolution and Glory Days - are excellent and confirm, if confirmation is needed, of Eric’s admiration for his loyal…


News Articles

Ian Green Awarded Local Business Hero

Greentrax Recordings Managing Director Ian Green as the winner of their Local Business Hero award. Ian is absolutely delighted and the Greentrax staff are all very proud of him. The award presenter said: Ian himself has done so much to restore and promote the reputations of Scottish music and culture…


Happy Birthday Ian Green!

Greentrax - Ian Green - was 80 years young on 29th January! He was overwhelmed with birthday wishes and it was impossible to acknowledge each.  Thanks to all from Ian!


Ian Green‘s autobiography:  ‘Fuzz To Folk - Trax Of My Life’

Greentrax Recordings managing director Ian Green’s autobiography Fuzz To Folk - Trax Of My Life is now available. It is published by the respected Edinburgh publisher Luath Press and is available from Music Scotland, Waterstone’s Books and Also available direct from Greentrax. It has been Book Of The Month…


Death of Ian Hardie

Green was proud to have Ian Hardie on the Greentrax books and considered him a good friend as well as a great musician.  He will be sadly missed.


February 2015 News

Greentrax Promotions) was made redundant recently and tasks will now be shared by Elaine, Pat and Ian. This step was not taken lightly and we were sorry to see Cath go but it is an indication of how the record industry, including Greentrax, is suffering from the decline in CD…


John Bellany Tribute Album

Greentrax to compile an album of his favourite music and songs as a tribute to him.  We are currently collecting material for the compilation.


Luke Daniels’ Tribute to William Hannah

…Daniels has painstakingly transcribed the music from 78rpm and wax cylinder recordings, and the music has been faithfully recorded by four of the UK’s finest tradition players: Luke Daniels on melodeon, Neil Ewart on fiddle, guitarist Ian Carr and pianist Paul Gandy. Greentrax expected release date March 2015. green


Eric Bogle Not A Fan of Joss Stone’s Cover Version

Green Fields Of France or Willie McBride) has been released as a charity single for The British Legion. Some of the important verses or part-verses have been deleted, making what is one of the best anti-war songs into a sanitised, ‘safe’ version which has lost its point to some extent.…


Greentrax at Scots Trad Music Awards 2014

Green will be attending the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards on Saturday 13th December 2014, this year at Inverness Leisure Centre.  Tickets are on sale now from Eden Court Theatre.  Greentrax Recordings will be again sponsoring Best Live Act Of The Year.


Far, Far From Ypres - Martignas Sur Jalle

Ian McCalman revised the script and with assistance from locals, especially Susan Brun - a Scots lady originating from Musselburgh who is married to a Frenchman in Martignas - we worked to produce a decent translation. We arrived in Martignas on Wednesday 15th October and on Friday 17th we took…


Paul McKenna Band German Tour Dates

Greentrax - Stem The Tide, Between Two Worlds and Elements.  The band enjoyed success at the 2012 Scots Trad Music Awards, with Paul winning Scots Singer Of The Year. The band were also nominated for Folk Band Of The Year.


Far, Far From Ypres Stage Show in 2014

Greenock. The cast comprised Barbara Dickson, Phil Cunningham, Dick Gaughan, Siobhan Miller, Ian Bruce, Stephen Quigg, Gary West (pipes), Stevie Palmer, Mairi MacInnes (Gaelic song), John Blackwood, Fiona Forbes, Anne Murray, George Archibald, Charlie Milne, Jim Weatherston, May Weatherston, Peter McCulloch, Kenny MacDonald, Gordon Stewart, Norman Gore (snare drum), Donald…


September 2014 Album & Event News

Greentrax managing director Ian Green been nominated for the category of Local Business Hero by the Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber Of Commerce. The awards take place on 29th October. The Trad On The Tyne 2014 festival was a huge success. The Ian Hardie Memorial Concert held on 3rd September…


Death of Jean Redpath

Greentrax artist Jean Redpath. She died in a hospice in Arizona, USA, during the afternoon of 21st August after a fairly long illness. Jean was a lovely person and never failed to phone me when she came home annually for a holiday in Scotland - to what had been her…


Trad On The Tyne Festival 2014

Green (Greentrax MD) is the Honorary President of the festival.


May 2014 Album & Event News

Greentrax album are being launched on Saturday 31st May in Prestonpans Community Centre. The launch is by invitation only but the Tapestry will thereafter go on exhibition. It is an amazing work of art by Andrew Crummy and his many volunteer stitchers and is really worth a visit. The 3…


November 2013 Album & Staff News

Greentrax team welcomed Elaine back in October and already our systems are working more efficiently! Thanks to those who sent good wishes to Elaine.  ‘Auld Greenie’ - Ian Green - is 80 in January but still at the helm, and his book Fuzz To Folk continues to sell.


The Sangsters Trio

Greentrax albums featuring Sangsters.   “They are Scotland’s number one harmony group. They are indeed the sultans of Scottish song. Stunning close harmonies, well chosen material and some awfy funny asides - that’s Sangsters.” (Ian McCalman)


David Francey Tour Dates

Greentrax in August 2013.  “One of Canada’s most revered folk poets and singers…” (Toronto Star)


Barbara Dickson UK Tour Dates

Greentrax - To Each And Everyone (The Songs Of Gerry Rafferty)​. For the most up-to date information on dates, venues and tickets, see the current tour dates on Barbara’s website.(photo by Brian Aris)



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