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cover image for <mark>Eric</mark> <mark>Bogle</mark> with John Munro - A Toss Of The Coin

Eric Bogle with John Munro - A Toss Of The Coin (CD)

Bogle completed his final tour of the UK and Europe, and now confines his touring to Australia and New Zealand, which is of course a huge loss to his legions of British and North American fans. These fans will, however, be very pleased to learn that Eric has not given…

cover image for <mark>Eric</mark> <mark>Bogle</mark> - The Dreamer

Eric Bogle - The Dreamer (CD)

Bogle’s 15th album and is released as Eric prepares to hang up his ‘touring boots’ and embark on a final UK tour. As always, Eric will be accompanied by his long-time buddy John Munro, who has produced this and other Eric Bogle albums. A compulsive, almost obsessive songwriter for most…

cover image for <mark>Eric</mark> <mark>Bogle</mark> - Live At Stonyfell Winery (DVD)

Eric Bogle - Live At Stonyfell Winery (DVD) (DVD)

Bogle’s first and (he says) last DVD. Including additional interview material. UK television has never recorded a documentary of this ‘Scottish son’ . This DVD containing many of Eric’s most popular and requested songs should fill the gap to some extent. As Eric prepares to hang up his ‘touring boots’…

cover image for <mark>Eric</mark> <mark>Bogle</mark> - Other People’s Children

Eric Bogle - Other People’s Children (CD)

Bogle’s first album of new songs since 2002, Other People’s Children is another exceptional collection of songs from this prolific songwriter. In Hallowed Ground Eric re-visits No Man’s Land and the World War 1 graveyards, and he reflects on the elderly in The Last Of The Old Timers. In Other…

cover image for <mark>Eric</mark> <mark>Bogle</mark> - At This Stage (The Live Collection)

Eric Bogle - At This Stage (The Live Collection) (double CD)

Bogle song No Man’s Land as his personal statement as an anthem for peace in Northern Ireland. Eric’s song And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda was in the top dozen songs of the Australasian Performing Right Association’s 75 year celebrations. To emphasise this point, a celebrity Top Fifty Peace Songs…

cover image for <mark>Eric</mark> <mark>Bogle</mark> - Singing The Spirit Home

Eric Bogle - Singing The Spirit Home (5 x CD boxed set)

Bogle. Eric has chosen the songs from his recorded output spanning the period from 1980, when he released Now I’m Easy, to 1997 and the release of Small Miracles. All of Eric’s ‘big’ songs are included in this collection. Tracks have been taken from the following albums, most of which…

cover image for <mark>Eric</mark> <mark>Bogle</mark> - By Request

Eric Bogle - By Request (CD)

Bogle’s most requested songs all of which feature on his earlier albums The Eric Bogle Songbook vols 1 and 2. Eric was born in Scotland in 1944, and in 1969 he emigrated to Australia where he still lives. He has been writing songs and poems since he was eight years…

cover image for <mark>Eric</mark> <mark>Bogle</mark> and John Munro - The Emigrant And The Exile

Eric Bogle and John Munro - The Emigrant And The Exile (CD)

Bogle by Ian Green. Eric and John Munro, aided and abetted by Brent Miller, recorded fifteen songs with guitar, bass guitar and mandolin accompaniment in The John Reynolds Studio, Adelaide, Australia. The multi-track tapes were then flown to Scotland and at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh, additional instrumental backing was dubbed…

cover image for Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One

Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One (double CD)

Bogle, Dick Gaughan, Jim Malcolm, and the late Davy Steele. Some of the writers perform their own songs on the album but there are also contributions from The Corries, The McCalmans, Malinky, Sheena Wellington and Karine Polwart, Robin Laing and Gaelic singer Donny MacLeod. There is also a chilling contribution…

cover image for The Music And Song Of The Great Tapestry Of Scotland

The Music And Song Of The Great Tapestry Of Scotland (double CD)

erica Emigrants’ Impact. CD2: Battle of The Braes * Robert Louis Stevenson * Scottish Trade Union Congress Formed in Glasgow * The 1914-18 War * Sinking of The Iolaire * 2nd World War, St Valery, 51st Highland Division Captured * D-Day * The First Edinburgh Festival * Cumbernauld New Town…

cover image for Music And Song From Scotland - The Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection

Music And Song From Scotland - The Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection (double CD)

…2011 sees Greentrax Recordings Ltd celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a double CD collection for the price of one CD. The double CD is a compilation of 25 tracks, plus two bonus tracks, all of very special relevance and significance to the label and its managing director, Ian Green. The…

cover image for Ian Green - Fuzz To Folk (Trax Of My Life)

Ian Green - Fuzz To Folk (Trax Of My Life) (book)

Bogle and many others, and has played a significant role in the resurgence and vitality of traditional and folk music in Scotland. An uplifting story of what can be achieved through passion and determination. Told with honesty and candour, the tale of Green’s countless escapades makes for a fascinating and…

cover image for John Munro - Plying My Trade

John Munro - Plying My Trade (CD)

Bogle. In his work with Eric, John has toured Canada, the USA and the UK six times, and Australia numerous times. He has also toured widely with Colcannon, including the UK, where they have achieved a high profile. John has also made a name for himself as an inspiring and…

cover image for Scotland, The Music And The Song (A 20 Year Profile Of Greentrax)

Scotland, The Music And The Song (A 20 Year Profile Of Greentrax) (3 x CD)

…3CD Digipak Compilation. Greentrax Recordings, ‘Scotland’s Favourite Record Company’, was launched in 1986 by retired Police Inspector Ian Green. In 2006 the company, which also includes the Culburnie label, celebrates its 20th Anniversary. The tracks for this 3CD compilation have been carefully selected by Ian from over 300 albums, showcasing…

cover image for Colcannon - Dolphin Bay

Colcannon - Dolphin Bay (CD)

Bogle Band), the stunning voice of Kat Kraus and the added vocal and instrumental talents of Emma Luke (fiddle), Pete Tichener (bass) and Don Holderness (keyboards). Colcannon was originally formed in 1988 specifically to support Battlefield Band at a gig in Adelaide - such was the response that more gigs…


News Articles

Eric Bogle in Edinburgh & Ireland

Bogle will be in Scotland during August 2016 and will do two performances at The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh: Friday 19th August Saturday 20th August Eric will also be performing in Ireland: Wednesday 31st August - Dublin National Concert Hall  Thursday 1st September - Belfast Elmwood Hall One performance in England is still to…


Eric Bogle at the Gallipoli Centenary 2015

Bogle was invited to the Gallipoli Centenary on Anzac Day and sang And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda at 4.40am to a large and appreciative gathering, of mainly Australians and of course the ghosts of all those boys he originally wrote the song for. Eric described it as “a privilege…”…


Eric Bogle Not A Fan of Joss Stone’s Cover Version

Bogle’s song No Man’s Land (also known as The Green Fields Of France or Willie McBride) has been released as a charity single for The British Legion. Some of the important verses or part-verses have been deleted, making what is one of the best anti-war songs into a sanitised, ‘safe’…


April 2016 News

…selecting tracks from the many ‘special projects’ the label has undertaken over the years, including Gaelic Women, Scots Women, the three Tapestry albums, The Nineties Collection, Gentle Giants, For Freedom Alone, The Flooers O’ The Forest, the Eric Bogle Box Set, Far, Far From Ypres and many more. bogle


Deleted Back Catalogue Titles Now Available Again

Bogle - Voices In The Wilderness The McCalmans - Songs From Scotland The McCalmans - Honest Poverty Eric Bogle - Mirrors Robin Laing - Walking In Time The McCalmans - Festival Lights Isla St Clair - Scenes From Scotland Eric Bogle - Small Miracles The McCalmans - High Ground The…


The Great Tapestry Of Scotland Songwriting Competition

Bogle’s now universally sung No Man’s Land evokes the ‘First World War’ panel and The McCalman’s Who Pays The Piper? represents the ‘North Sea Oil’. Greentrax Recordings has also come up with songwriting competition with a £1,000 prize to whoever writes the best song to reflect one of the tapestry…


Ian Green’s autobiography:  ‘Fuzz To Folk - Trax Of My Life’

Bogle) “An immensely enjoyable book. The stories had me in stitches! In well chosen words Ian tells it exactly as it was in a language we can relate to and with such brutal honesty and great humour. A wonderful book which I will treasure and refer back to in years…



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