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cover image for <mark>Archie</mark> <mark>Fisher</mark> & <mark>Garnet</mark> <mark>Rogers</mark> - Off The Map

Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers - Off The Map (CD)

Garnet Rogers (younger brother of the late Stan Rogers) teamed up to tour Canada and America. The tour was a huge success and the recorded concert tracks feature on this CD. Combining the best of Archie’s vocal and songwriting talents with Garnet’s instrumental accompaniment. Archie has hosted BBC Radio Scotland’s…

cover image for <mark>Archie</mark> <mark>Fisher</mark> - Windward Away

Archie Fisher - Windward Away (CD)

Garnet Rogers - Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into - back in 1988. Greentrax subsequently licensed that recording (CDTRAX020) and more recently their Off The Map live album (CDTRAX270), both from Garnet’s Snowgoose Songs label. It is not as if Archie went into musical hibernation. During this time he was still writing,…

cover image for <mark>Archie</mark> <mark>Fisher</mark> - Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into

Archie Fisher - Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into (CD)

Garnet Rogers. Garnet produced albums on his own Snowgoose label, the last of which was Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into, spanning 20 years of songwriting by Archie, with a few friends. Every song has had a season and holds a special place surrounded by its particular memories. So, it seemed the…

cover image for The Flooers o’ The Forest - Songs, Poems & Music of Flodden

The Flooers o’ The Forest - Songs, Poems & Music of Flodden (double CD)

Garnet Rogers, Celticburn, Lau, Karine Polwart, Steve McDonald, Rob Bell, The Owel Service & Alison O’Donnell, ‘McCalman, Quigg & Bayne’, Gary Cleghorn, Scocha, Drinkers’ Drouth with Davy Steele, Robin Laing (a brand new song), Gary West and the children of Drumlanrig & St Cuthberts Primary School, Hawick. The poems and…


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