cover image for Calum & Annie Johnston - Songs, Stories & Piping From Barra (Scottish Tradition Series vol 13)
double CD
April 2010
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تداول اسهم الذهبية 34 tracks: CD1 (45 mins): Na Faighinn Gille ri Cheannach * Faigh a-nuas Dhuinn am Botul * Mo Cheud Iomagain Gach ni Chluinn Mi * Gradh Geal mo Chridh * Chaidh Moill air mo Leirsinn * Calum Beag o Thir a’ Mhurain * Ruidhleadh Cailleach, Sheatadh Cailleach * Faca Sibh Mairi Nighean Alasdair? * Chaidh an Dileag ud ‘nam Cheann * Mo Run a’ Mhaighdeann * Clo Nan Gillean * ‘S Mithich Dhuinn Eirigh mo Nighean Donn * Latha Dhomh ‘s mi ‘m Beinn a’ Cheathaich * Di-Sathuirne Ghabh mi Mulad * Nighean Baillidh a Loch Bhraon * March, Strathspey & Reel.CD2 (45 mins): Failte Dhruim Fionn * Fhir a’ Chinn Duibh * Is Fhada Tha Mi an Cul Beinn Eadarra * Pilliu pillililileoghain * Cha Till Mi Tuilleadh (pipe tune) * Port na h-Eala Air an Traigh * ‘S Olc an Obair do Theachdairean Cadal * Luran * Sealgair a’ Choilich Bhuidhe * Sgeulachd a’ Choire * He o ho a Raghnaill Ud Thall * Oran do’n Mhusg * Fhir nan Gormshuilean Meallach * Tha thu Suarach Umam an Diugh * Nach Coma Leat, ‘ille Dhuibh, Tarruinn an t-Sreang * Oran do’n Eideadh Ghaidhealach * Latha Chuil-Iodair * Oran a’ Bhotuil.

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خيارات السماسرة الثنائية الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية تنظم Calum and Annie Johnston were born on the Island of Barra. As this album amply demonstrates, both were fine singers - by which is meant not so much that they possessed voices which would have been at home on the concert stage, as that they performed their songs with great sympathy, with subtlety and with respect for the Gaelic context in which both they and the songs had their origins. Calum was also a piper - he died suddenly, while piping the coffin of Sir Compton MacKenzie to the grave in 1973. From the archives of The School Of Scottish Studies and now on CD. The accompanying CD booklet contains the full Gaelic lyrics (with English translations), spoken track transcriptions, photographs and notes.

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