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May 2006
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برنامج الراجحي للمرابحة في الاسهم 23 tracks: There Was a Fairmer’s Dochter * Chin Cherry * Two Wee Horses * Dance Tae Tha Daddy * As I Climbed Up The Apple Tree * Oor Quine Jeannie * All in Together * I’ve a Laddie in America * There Came a Girl from France * Old Mrs Reilly * I’ve Come to See Jemima * Mister Frog * When I Was One * Who’ll Come Intae Ma Wee Ring * I Lost My Love * King Cromalay * Poor Doggie is Dead * When Suzie Was a Baby * Ah Chokit on a Tattie * Murder Murder Polis * The Cat’s Taen The Measles * Aunty Mary * Wee Johnny’s Lost His Marble.

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فوركيس للتداول The Scottish Tradition Series of recordings was hailed, when the early volumes were first released, as ‘The most important series of traditional recordings ever.’ Volume 22 consists of children’s songs and rhymes and is an important addition to the series.

آرتشر إشارات الخيارات الثنائية The School of Scottish Studies Archives at the University of Edinburgh is an important source of Scottish children’s lore. On this album, a selection of material in Scots recorded over a period of three decades (1951 to 1981) following the foundation of the School of Scottish Studies.

Not all the material was recorded in Scotland, highlighting the fact that strong oral traditions have been, and continue to be, transported well beyond Scotland’s shores.

Ewan McVicar, who graduated with an MSc from the University of Edinburgh in 1988 and wrote a thesis entitled Singing In The Playground, was willing to bring to this project his long experience with Scottish Children’s song. Dr Mark Trewin also had considerable input as General Editor of the series.

In an era when many people lament the fact that children in Scotland and elsewhere spend much time engaged in sedentary activities, such as watching television, it seems particularly valuable to recall the role played by playground games, such as skipping. In addition, the importance of nursery education is increasingly acknowledged, particularly the central role of music and song. Some of the material on this CD will serve to reinforce song and rhyme traditions that have never been totally lost in Scotland.

A worthy addition to the Scottish Tradition Series and of great historic interest.

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