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April 2007

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طريقة شراء الذهب عن طريق البنك 14 tracks: World of Whisky * Heaven Hill * The Sun’s Coming Over The Hill * Elijah Craig * Speyside Whisky Song * A’ Bunadh * We Can’t Let Al Qaeda Get Their Hands on This * Uisquebaugh Baul * Bottle of Gin * The Whisky Makes You Sweeter * Reaching Home * Rory’s Still * Everything I Love * Full Moon Whisky.

اكتتابات الاسهم السعودية

برنامج فوركس ما هي شروطه Robin Laing is a professional musician and writer based in rural South Lanarkshire. He is known as an interpreter of traditional Scottish songs and his own songs, many of which have been covered by other artists.

أراء إشارات الفوركس His songs are on a wide variety of subjects, from Ulysses to Clydesdale horses and from the Forth Bridge to the world of whisky. Robin has produced seven highly acclaimed CDs (six on Greentrax) which fully illustrate the breadth of his musical abilities.

Robin is also one of those lucky individuals who has turned his hobbies and interests into a career. Robin is passionate about whisky, Scotland’s most important export, her most successful traditional industry and perhaps her greatest contribution to humanity!

Robin chairs the tasting panel of the Scottish Malt Whisky Society and writes many of their almost poetic tasting descriptions. He also contributes regularly to Whisky Magazine and has published The Whisky Muse (Luath Press), which is a collection of poems and songs on the subject of Scotch Whisky. He is also about to publish The Whisky River (also Luath Press) about the distilleries of Speyside.

Robin has recorded two previous whisky albums for Greentrax: The Angels’ Share and The Water Of Life. This album - One For The Road - is the third in the series.

Robin performs his Whisky And Song shows all over the world, proving to be an ambassador for Scotland in the most enjoyable way imaginable.

‘Robin has the perfect voice for this project, as warm and smooth as the whisky he sings about.’ (Dirty Linen Magazine, USA)

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